The pro­ject is loca­ted in the Alt­mark regi­on (Sax­o­ny-Anhalt). It con­sists of two Ves­tas V162 tur­bi­nes with a hub height of 166m.
With a capa­ci­ty of 2x6.2MW, the new plants sup­p­ly green elec­tri­ci­ty for more than 10,000 house­holds or more than 340,000 elec­tric car char­ges. The new wind farm is adja­cent to our exis­ting Hüse­litz wind farmwhich was com­mis­sio­ned in 2015 and 2016. With the Bel­lin­gen West wind farm, we are expan­ding our green elec­tri­ci­ty gene­ra­ti­on capa­ci­ty in the Alt­mark regi­on by 12.4 MW.

The con­s­truc­tion work star­ted suc­cessful­ly in June 2023. The two wind tur­bi­nes were com­ple­ted and com­mis­sio­ned in April 2024.

Contributions to the project



2 x Ves­tas V162 — 6.2MW

Total power

12.4 MW

Construction Period