In the muni­ci­pa­li­ty of Kai­fen­heim a wind farm con­sis­ting of three Ves­tas tur­bi­nes was put into ope­ra­ti­on in 2016. Three V112 models, one with a hub height of 94m, and two with hub heights of 119m, have been ste­adi­ly pro­du­cing power sin­ce March 2016.

The wind farm feeds its elec­tri­ci­ty to a trans­mis­si­on sta­ti­on 9 km away right next to the sub­sta­ti­on. The total out­put of the three tur­bi­nes is 9.9 MW, which means they sup­p­ly near­ly 10,000 house­holds with green electricity.

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3 Ves­tas V112 — 3.3 MW

Total power

9.9 MW

Construction Period