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With an instal­led capa­ci­ty of 152 mega­watts, the Hüse­litz wind farm is one of the lar­gest onshore wind farms in Germany.

This power is gene­ra­ted by just 46 tur­bi­nes. Other wind farms with com­pa­ra­ble gene­ra­ti­on capa­ci­ty have signi­fi­cant­ly more tur­bi­nes. This demons­tra­tes the excel­lent ener­gy effi­ci­en­cy of the tur­bi­nes used in the array.

The wind farm, which was built with an invest­ment of some EUR 240 mil­li­on, covers a total area of 567.2 hectares.

Apart from the manu­fac­tu­rer of the tur­bi­nes, the Danish com­pa­ny Ves­tas, all sup­pli­ers come from the local area around Stendal.

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46 Ves­tas V 112 – 3.3 MW

Total power

152 MW

Construction period


Contact person

Mat­thi­as Hlad­ky
Head of Pro­ject Management