Lakiakan­gas 3

The Lakiakan­gas 3 pro­ject is a joint ven­ture pro­ject bet­ween CPC Fin­land and Helen, the Hel­sin­ki muni­ci­pal uti­li­ty. The wind farm was built in Iso­jo­ki and Kris­ti­ne­stad, Fin­land. The wind farm infra­struc­tu­re includes a sub­sta­ti­on and 31 KM of 110KV cable rou­te. It was alre­a­dy imple­men­ted in July 2021, 2 months ahead of plan­ned com­ple­ti­on. The erec­tion pro­cess of the wind tur­bi­nes has been under­way sin­ce Sep­tem­ber 2021. The wind tur­bi­nes were com­mis­sio­ned at the end of 2021.

All power gene­ra­ti­on is sold to Helen through a long-term power purcha­se agree­ment. Lakiakan­gas 3 brings the total capa­ci­ty of the Lakiakan­gas pro­jects to 34 tur­bi­nes and 143 MW.